1. What is E- voucher?
    • E-voucher is the digital form of Gift Vouchers of various retailers.

  2. What is Gift Card and Gift Voucher and How it works?
    • Gift cards (GC) and Gift vouchers (GV) are cash less transaction which carries value worth equalent as mentioned in it. This just like a cheque and can be redeemed at the time of purchase and at the respective retail places
    • These GC and GV best suits for gifting occasions and shopping needs at a discounted price.

  3. Can Gift cards and Gift vouchers be reloaded?
    • Certain Gift cards can be reloaded according to the client's request, as per stipulated denominations and can be used for multiple transactions.
    • Above 49,900 kyc is mandatory

  4. How E-Voucher, physical voucher and gift cards are delivered?
    • Electronic form of Gift vouchers are delivered through electronic forms like E-mails and SMS whereas physical form of Gift Vouchers and Gift cards are delivered through courier.

  5. Do the Gift Voucher & Gift Card effects existing offers at the stores?
    • Gift Vouchers and Gift cards are over and above the existing offers and you will be paying discounted price while purchasing from us and redeemed for full value.
    • Since this Gift Voucher and Gift cards are issued by respective retailers it will not affect existing offer and you will be benefited with additional discounts.

  6. Can I use multiple Gift Vouchers/Gift Cards for a single Order?
    • Yes, You can. These GVs & GCs carry value you can use multiple vouchers to enjoy more discounts.

  7. Is there any Reward Programs?
    • Yes reward program is available.

  8. What if I lost a Gift Voucher/Gift Card that I purchased?
    • Depends on the respective retailer's discretion they may consider the replacement upon submitting proper proofs and completing formalities. E- Voucher India is not responsible for loss of GV/GC.

  9. Can I use the Gift Voucher/gift card after expiry date?
    • No. neither used nor replaced.

  10. What are the payment options available?
    • Payment by gateway [online] or bank transfers kindly update the details to customer service if it is bank transfer.

  11. Is there any return Policy?
    • No. E-Voucher India will not takes Gift voucher or Gift cards back unless their id defect or problem in the voucher

  12. What is the Expiry of Gift Card/Gift Voucher?
    • It varies retailer to retailer and validity will be from 6 months to 1 year, not less than 6 months and not more than1 year.


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