Why a Gift Card is always better?

Why a Gift Card is always better?

Most people are clueless about what to gift their loved ones and if they have decided on something, they are always worried if it will be liked or not. In the end, they decide on gifting an amount of cash that is quite convenient. However, a safe and convenient gift can be always a Gift Card! A gift card gives the power in the receiver’s hand to buy a gift of their choice. If you are not sure about buying a gift card, here are five major reasons which will help you choose a gift card.

Help you stay on your budget


When you give gift cards to your loved ones or friends, it is always easier to stay on your budget. The best part with gift cards is that, you have to decide on an amount and then choose a gift card. It is as simple as it is. You need not worry if you are going to spend just a little bit more of something that you see would be perfect but outside your budget limit.

Buy gifts without stepping out of your home

Thanks to the convenience of the internet, you don’t have to step out of your home to do your shopping. Most online stores and websites offer online gift cards and you can always personalize then with personal messages and graphics. There is also an option to email an electronic gift card to someone that is convenient for you and the receiver can also keep track of the card. If you are one of those who is worried about the last minute shopping, you can always send an e-gift card at any time.


Helps you to be practical

There are those who would never spend money on themselves and for them, giving a gift card from a place where they can purchase something they need is the best idea.



Gift cards come with the advantage of being flexible for the recipient as it allows them to choose what to buy and that too from a variety of options. It also helps take away the confusion and anxiety associated with finding just the right and perfect gift. Cash is also more flexible, but sometimes it can be considered a little crass. If you can offer flexibility without giving cash, a gift card can always be a good choice.


Gift cards can be spent online and in-store

Whether you like taking  a trip to the local market and enjoy a fantastic shopping spree or shop online from the comfort of your own, most of the gift cards that are available can be spent in-store and online. But it is always good to check the gift cards before your purchase them.


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Happy Bhai Dooj

Happy Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj – Celebrate the bond of Happiness & Affection with Gift Cards & Gift Vouchers

In India, there are two special festivals that celebrate sibling affection -  Raksha Bandhan and Bhaidhooj.  Bhaidooj is celebrated on the last day of the five day Diwali festival. The festival marks the blessings of a sister showered upon her brother. For Raksha Bandhan, it is the brother who gifts the sister while on the Bhai dooj day, it is the sister who gives the brother the gifts.

There is also an interesting legend behind the Bhai Dooj celebration. One of the popular stories about the history of Bhai Dooj is that, that after killing the demon Narakasura, Lord Krishna visited his sister Subhadra and she in turn welcomed him affectionately with flowers, sweets and by applying tilak on his forehead. Krishna was very touched with this gesture of Subhadra and he in turn blessed her with many boons.

Although with the modern influence, the festival today is celebrated in a different way but the essence of it still prevails. Today, the greetings are conveyed through emails, e greetings, gift cards, gift vouchers. Sisters who live far away from their brothers send their love through online gifts and gift cards and those who stay close, celebrate this auspicious by visiting their brothers, going for movies etc. The festival is a great chance for siblings to meet, rejoice, celebrate and spread happiness and laughter. It also strengthens the bond between them and also helps rejuvenates it.

Gift cards are a great gift idea for Bhai dooj as these are available as both physical and e gift cards. If you cannot visit your brother or sister for the festival then you can easily mail them. There is no other gift that can offer such ease and comfort. So, in case you forget to buy a gift for your brother or sister who does not have the time, then why not gift them gift cards from different brands that are available on evoucher.

Bhai dooj Gift ideas for your brother

Fasttrack Gift Card: If your brother loves stylish sunglasses, wallets, bags, then a Fasttrack gift card is the perfect gift for him.

Amazon Gift Card: Does your brother love books, electronics or jewellery, then gift him an Amazon gift card.

Book my Trip Gift Card: For the brother who loves to go on trip a Book my Trip gift card would be a perfect gift.

Shoppers Stop Gift Card: The brother who loves to be stylish and smart a gift card from Shoppers Stop or Lifestyle is the best.

 Bhai dooj Gift Ideas for your Sister

Gift cards from Tanishq, Kalyan, Joyallukas: Every women is fond of jewellery. So, sisters out there can be offered a special jewellery piece. You can choose gift cards and gift vouchers from the brands like Tanishq, Kalyan, Joyallukas.

Gift cards from Amazon, Flipkart: Give your sister the power to choose her own gifts from the brands she would like to be associated with. Gift Gift cards from Amazon and Flipkart and see her happy.

Gift cards from Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons: For the fashion savvy sister who loves to keep up with the new trends and dress up in style, gift cards from Shoppers Stop and Pantaloons are a perfect gift.

Gift card from Nykaa:  Gift your sister a Nykaa gift card and let her choose the best make-up products, natural cosmetics of her choice.

If you are looking for gift cards for Bhai Dhooj, Diwali, Dhanteras or any other occasion you should visit Find an amazing discount on on over 250 + brands.




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Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali

Here are some great gift ideas for Diwali

Diwali is just around the corner and the shopping and preparations for the festival have already begun. The festival not only brings with it just prosperity and joy, but also it’s a good occasion to exchange love with our near and dear ones and that too in the form of gifts. Although it is the best opportunity that we would love to cherish but it also leaves us with lot of confusion. The confusion of “What would one gift this Diwali”

Finding the right gift for your loved ones is quite a challenge. And we are here to help you with the right choice. The first thing you should do is leave the idea of gifting those boring and usual gifts. This year, try gifting something different and innovative.  Gift your friends and loved ones a gift of their choice and give them the freedom to pick the right gift. Gift Vouchers are a great gift option for Diwali.

Jewellery Gift Cards

Jewellery is such a gift that it is relevant to all ages. From a newborn to senior, jewellery is liked by every generation. From adorable studs or bracelets for the little ones, a necklace with a single pendant for the teenagers, large statement rings. When you decide to gift jewelery, you can choose gifts for all ages and that too from one store. At eVoucher, you can choose a lot of gift cards from top brands – Kalyan, Joyallukas, Ketan Diamonds.

Gift Cards from Furniture stores & leading brands

If you know a friend or a relative who is planning to revamp their home on Diwali, then gift cards from leading brands would be a great gift.  Leading brands like Urban Ladder, Home Town, or Home Center all have a huge collection of products with great discounts for Diwali.

Apparel Gift Cards

Wearing and gifting new clothes is quite a traditional practice for Diwali. This is the ideal time to engage in the shopping sprees too. Help your friends choose the ethnic attires this Diwali. Let them do the shopping online and shop from the leading brands that have some huge discounts for this festive season. You can choose gift cards from Shoppers Stop, LifeStyle, Amazon, Flipkart.

Travel Gift Cards

Travel Gift Cards for Diwali? Yes. Travel Gift cards are the most thoughtful cards that you can gift on Diwali for someone who lives far away from their family. It will a blessing and give your loved one a great reason to visit their families. In your friend list, if you know someone who is a travel enthusiast, these gift cards a must. Check out the gift cards and gift vouchers from makemytrip.

Today, with the help of gift vouchers, one can easily choose an array of products as per the choice and requirement. With the gift voucher, even receiving unwanted or repeat Diwali gifts are also a passé. People with busy schedules can now buy gifts online through a gift card or gift voucher and it is the easiest solution for them. If you are looking for the best Diwali gifts for your loved ones or friends, you should visit Find an amazing discount on on over 100 + brands.

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It’s time for Navaratri again. A festival celebrated with great zeal and fervor through nine nights of month of Ashwin, which typically falls in the months of September and October.

It is also time to celebration and gifting.

You need to get together with your family and friends on this occasion. Celebrate these nine days over dandiya, sweets, and of course there are those lovely Navratri Gifts.

This Navratri, we want you to give more and gift more. Think differently and gift someone a gift card and your loved ones can choose their own gifts.

Go Online and buy Navratri Gifts Online

One of the best things about buying gifts online is that you can do it from the comfort of your home and there are a wide variety of choices to choose from.  Whether you want to gift someone classy or something more modern or looking for expensive gifts, there are so many things that can win everyone’s heart.

Think Creative. Think Differently. Gift a Gift Card.

Although the festive season everyone would love to be more traditional and conventional, we would like you to be more creative and think differently. This Navratri, alongwith other gifts, gift a gift card. As Navratri has nine days to celebrate and there are nine gifting occasions, you can choose your gifts accordingly. A gift card from a famous men’s clothing can help men choose the latest in traditional and modern wear. And you can think of sweets and jewellery as Durga Puja gifts for the ladies at home. On Saraswathi Pooja day, you can gift books and stationeries to children.

Now you can choose gift cards from famous brands that are offering a wide range of products. You can make this festive season of Navratri perfect with gift cards from Amazon, Flipkart, Shoppers Stop and make your family happy. Select gift cards from Amazon for children who love books and colourful stationeries. You can browse through our website check out all the special gift cards.  Let these nine nights of Navratri be special for you and your family.

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Onam Gifts

Onam Gifts

Onam Gift Ideas – Gift Cards


The important Keralite harvest festival Onam or Thiru Onam is here. Celebrated annually by Malayalees in Kerala and all those around the world, Onam brings with it the aroma of flowers, sumptuous feasts and is all about exchanging gifts. It’s a festival to be celebrated with great joy and fervor with family and friends.  And if you are confused about what to gift this Onam, here are few ideas from us regarding Onam Gifts that will make gifting easy for you.

Shopping Onam Gifts Online

Buying gifts for loved ones is never easy, especially for festivals.  Whenever you plan to gift your loved ones something special, you end up being confused - what to buy for them or whether they would love your gifts or not. So, the best option is to let your loved ones get the chance to choose their own Onam Gifts online. This year, do something different and opt for Gift cards. This Onam, gift your loved ones gift cards and let them explore and browse through and enjoy an array of wonderful gifts online.

Onam Gifts Ideas with Gift Cards

Gone are the days when you have to be so confused and have to scratch your head to come up with gift ideas. With the growth of technology, things have become much easier. There are lots of gift ideas online that you can come across for Onam Gifting.  With Gift cards, gifting becomes much easier for you, as your loved ones can choose their own gifts online.

At eVoucher, there are lot of gift cards to choose from, starting from Flip kart, Amazon, for the kids. With a gift card, guide them to choose the books, toys, and stationeries From Himalaya and Cross Word, they would love. You can surprise the women at home with gift cards from Lifestyle, Central, Westside, and let them shop whatever they wish to. We know clothing, books, watches, electronic items are all a favourite with men for Onam, Let them choose from Lifestyle, Flip kart, Big Bazaar Titan gift cards. You can pick and choose your Onam gifts from a range of gift cards and gift vouchers from eVoucher.

Let Shopping for Onam be a memorable one with the gift cards and gift vouchers from eVoucher.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Onam! Happy Gifting and Shopping!




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Celebration &Gifts For Rakhi

Celebration &Gifts For Rakhi

A sibling bond is one of the purest ones and it is celebrated rightly so by all the brothers and sisters throughout the country. For Raksha Bandhan, a sister ties a Rakhi or a thread or an amulet, which is symbolic of the sister’s love and affection towards the brother depicts the unadulterated  values of human emotions. Every year millions of brothers and sisters across the country anxiously await this occasion. Year after year, as the moon completes its first cycle in Shravana, a month in the Hindu calendar. Well, it’s almost here and along with it comes the responsibility of getting the Rakhi gifts for sister. Don’t limit your gifting options because you’re worried about burning a hole in your pocket! Get amazing gift vouchers and discounts on Raksha Bandhan gifts. So, keep shopping and saving 

If you haven’t decided on a rakhi gift yet, then you should definitely start NOW, as Raksha Bandhan is here!

Be it a birthday, wedding or occasions when was the last time you remember someone gifting you cash? But if is a gift card, you probably do. Let’s face it, between cash and gift cards, the latter is a much more memorable option. Not only is it personalized, but you can spend it whenever you want and only for something exclusive. In most cases, when we receive cash, we end up spending it for something we do not want to. Last time I got cash for Diwali from my relatives, I ended up paying my electricity bill with it! 
And if you get them as a recognition for your work (Hah! Take that procrastination!), you will smile knowing you earned this gift card every time you use it. You can keep it safe, as a trophy, for the future. And every time you look at it, your chest will swell in pride.

Gift Cards are all the craze right now. Well, at least in India! In the United States, way back in 2006, it was the second most popular thing to gift someone. With more and more companies opting for free gift card options, there seems to be no better choice of presents.These days there are even websites from where you can earn free gift cards online. You can also buy gift cards online login to

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Fashion Trends You Can Shop With Vouchers & Make Savings Along

Fashion Trends You Can Shop With Vouchers & Make Savings Along

Fashion Trends You Can Shop With Vouchers & Make Savings Along

Don’t get caught out – it’s time to get your armour up to speed. Stay in-vogue when you shop till you drop. Visit our website for the Fashion Carnival Sale. Shop with top brands using vouchers and save more.

Must-have fashion trends for this Summer Collection…!

Summer to Fall Trends

The asymmetrical & shirt dress trend also makes a great summer to fall option. With plain vibrant colours, this silhouette has gained much popularity in recent years. Wear it best as plain dresses and tops.

Fashion Step Forward

Culottes are the latest addition to Palazzo style! Catch on to this new trend in 2019. Crafted for the formal pant lovers and also the casual street style fashionistas. They can be worn as formal culottes as well as culottes shorts.

The 80s Comeback

One of the easiest ways to get that Eighties vibe is to try out of the most popular looks we saw on the catwalks this season. It’s time to wear white from head-to-toe! If you think this is a bit bold, try swapping out your top layer for an indigo denim jacket or light, tailored navy blazer. For shoes, try smart black or brown leather sandals or penny loafers – this will instantly smarten things up.

From Baby Boomer to Millenial

“Millennial pink“. That warm, blush rose colour you can’t help avoiding on your guys right now, is set to grow up next season. Get ready to expand into other hues! While there were bursts of eye-popping hot pink at the catwalks this season, the most popular shades are from the mid-pink to pastel end of the spectrum.

What are you waiting for? Shop these fashion trends for 2019 Summer and more from the top brands using the vouchers.

Shop above Rs.3000/- vouchers of Lifestlye, Central, ShoppersStop, Pantaloons, Westside & Get upto Rs.750/- vouchers of Amazon/Flipkart Complimentary. Make the most out of this Fashion Carnival Sale.



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Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Gifts

Beyond doubt, Valentine’s Day is a much-awaited occasion for millions of people regardless of ethnicity, religion or occupation. Valentine’s Day and gifts for your beloved go hand in hand. Valentine’s Day celebration is incomplete without buying a gift for someone you love. However, buying the Valentine’s Day special gifts often proves to be challenging for many. If you are running short on unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas there is a way out. Thankfully, eVoucherindia solves this problem by offering a plethora of Gift Cards & Gift Vouchers of the most popular brands especially for the Valentine’s Day and also offers enriching experiences that go beyond the traditional gifts for people who seek creative valentine gifts.

At eVoucherindia online gift portal (, you can place orders for several unique valentine gifts for her and options for men are also astounding. Listed below are some of the viable gift options for the special occasion:

Apparel and Accessories:

Choosing branded menswear as gifts is suitable when you want to buy apt Valentine’s Day baskets for him.  At this online gift portal, you can buy branded menswear including blazer, trousers, woolen garments and much more. Buying useful accessories for men as unique valentine gifts for him is also possible. How about gifting the special person a branded wristwatch or bracelet? You can also gift him a nice leather wallet or passport holder on the day. Just pick up from top and popular brands like Nike, Hidesign, Pantaloons, ShoppersStop, Lifestyle, Westiside and more and gift a brand gift card to him, let him make the choice.

Women’s Accessories:

To make your beloved woman delighted on Valentine’s Day, you may buy a branded or designer handbag. Ornaments with customized wording or design also fit the bill. Simply choose the brand as per your budget and let your ladylove pick up a handbag of her choice by gifting her a e-gift card. If your budget permits you can also pick up an entire basket of gifts from our choicest collection.

Dining out:

Your Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be something tactile or usual. You may want to surprise the person by taking him out to dinner at a special place. You can book dinners at top notch eateries in selected cities of India. You can pick a Thai, continental or Chinese restaurant or a multi-cuisine one. Of course, you will have to think of factors like choice of the recipient and budget before zeroing in on a gift. Surprise your valentine with a special dinner treat at top Restaurants. You could choose gift cards from Mainland China, Oh! Calcutta, Spaghetti Kitchen and the like, depending on your loved one’s choice of cuisine.

Pampering as Gift:

Do you want your special one to feel pampered and relaxed on this special day? Then, book unique valentine day Gift vouchers and let them avail specialized massage or pedicure at a top spa.

You can buy many types of unique Valentine’s Day E gifts for the beloved person here online.


·         If a nice coffee and brunch date is how you plan to start your Valentine’s Day with your loved one, you could choose to pick a Costa Coffee gift card.

·        Heading for a movie next? Pick a PVR cinemas gift card or Bookmyshow Gift Card

·         If spending some quality time going shopping together is part of your plan, you could select gift cards from Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle, Marks & Spencer, Westside and more. If online shopping is what is preferred, you could choose from Amazon or Myntra gift cards. And before you wrap up that perfect day with an exquisite dinner experience, you could choose to unwind with your loved one at a spa or salon, with gift cards from the Four Fountains Spa or Lakme salon

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The Perfect Wedding Gift For Your Loved Ones

The Perfect Wedding Gift For Your Loved Ones

The Perfect Wedding Gift For Your Loved Ones

The wedding day is perhaps one of the biggest milestones in their personal lives, when two people get together and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. As the couple enters the sanctity of marriage, the wedding day is a celebration, shared with friends and relatives. Weddings are elaborate affairs in India, an event that families save up for a long time and something a lot of planning goes into. With a number of rituals, traditions and customs, Indian weddings are grand events which can last from one morning to a week. In the modern context, a lot of emphasis is put on the planning and execution as the couple sets out to celebrate their union. Exchange of clothes and gifts is common and the wedding meals are elaborate to say the least. Weddings in India are a time when entire families come together, and celebrate the joyous occasion with lots of music and dance.

Wedding gifts are a big part of the event, and they range from small gestures to whopping luxuries. In India, a culture of giving is prevalent, and no wedding is complete without these. Families and friends gift the couple items to help them start their lives together, and express their support and blessings for a happy life ahead. Gifts ranges from small tokens such as flowers and cards, to household items, jewellery, cash, gift vouchers etc. This wedding season, how about gifting the newly-weds what they will cherish?

Gift cards and vouchers always make the perfect wedding gifts for congratulating a couple on their big day. Give the bride and groom the opportunity to splash out on something they really want, and let them choose from a wide range from the list of top brands for themselves. At eVoucherindia you can select from 100+ Top Brands Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers with a wide range of categories like travel gift cards, Hotel gift cards, home furnishing gift cards, and many more. The gift Card given by you will be cherished by the newly-wed couple forever, as they get to choose the gift, they can buy what they need rather than unliking the gift and you.  Through the gift card given by you, the couple can explore the plethora and choose something what they really want.




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Are You ready For the Huge Discounts This Republic Day?

Are You ready For the Huge Discounts This Republic Day?

Are You ready For the Huge Discounts This Republic Day?


Republic Day is right around the corner, and a lot of websites have some great deals and great products to commemorate the special occasion

 Republic Day is a great occasion to celebrate your love and devotion for the country and eVoucherindia has awesome offers on the vouchers and gift cards of top brands that will help you display your patriotism for the country and its colours.

When you shop using the offers on Gift Cards/Vouchers from eVoucherindia , you will have an additional savings in your pockets apart from the offers given by the brands itself. Shop More and Save More using Gift Cards/Vouchers.

And we at eVoucherindia, have compiled some of the best deals from the top brands.

In this 67th Republic day, the online shops like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal are ready to bring a parade of offers and discounts. So get ready to enjoy the republic day savings offers.

Celebrate this Republic day with Amazon’s Great Indian Sale, Flipkart’s Republic day Sale and MakeMyTrip Republic Day Sale, they all are pouring best discounts on Republic day offers.

As you all know Amazon is a place where we can find anything you virtually want to buy from online shop. Amazon guarantees you vast selection, low prices, fast and reliable delivery, and a trusted and convenient online shopping experience. And now in this occasion of Republic day Amazon has come up with another wonderful festival called Great Indian sale which will be a Pre-festive offer. This Great Indian Sale will be conducted for limited period that is from Jan 21 to Jan 23, 2016. It’s going to be a great festival with mind-blowing offers, exciting discounts and amazing selective collections.

Great Indian Sale: “72 hours Deal Marathon”

You can enjoy Amazon Republic day offers in this Great Indian Sale which have included huge range of electronic appliances, textiles, fashion, home essentials, entertainment etc. You people may be aware of the fact that doing something that makes you feel good can uplift your mood and cheers you up. And in fact Shopping is one activity which makes a million people happy. So shop and enjoy this Republic day with Amazon Great Indian sale. To feel the delightful shopping experience, come and be a part of Great Indian Sale and enjoy the Amazon Republic day discounts. Amazon Great Indian Festival is much more than a festival of shopping you can even buy kitchen appliances or buy stylish furniture online with more discounts. As they conduct “72 hours Deal Marathon” which can disclose you new exciting offers in every 30 minutes. Just don’t wait go and enjoy the TV offers upto 50%, wide range of TVs from popular brands like Samsung, LG, Onida, Sony, etc are included in the collection. Whether you shop at night or day there are exclusive offers awaiting you. Yes, If you want to shop at night you can enjoy the Midnight Deal which will be between 12:00 am to 8:am.

Citibank offers 10% cashback from Amazon if you pay using CITI bank debit & credit cards. So don’t miss Amazon CITI discounts.


And there is another exclusive offer on Amazon Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers and eVouchers from eVoucherindia, that is if you shop using vouchers and gift cards you will be getting up to 2000/- instant discount. So why are you waiting? Go grab any item you need and save big.

Flipkart : Electronics Sale

Flipkart is running electronic sales from 20th Jan – 26th Jan with amazing cashback and discounts. Flipkart is going to make this republic day a great time to enhance your entertainment experience and improve your home. It is offering upto Rs. 20000 exchange value on TVs, Mobile phones etc . And there is another exclusive offer on Flipkart Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers and eVouchers from eVoucherindia, that is if you shop using vouchers and gift cards you will be getting up to 2000/- instant discount. So why are you waiting? Go grab any item you need and save big.

Mobikwik : Cashback upto 200 %

Download Mobikwik App and get cashback upto 200% on bill payments and recharges . And there is another exclusive offer on Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers and eVouchers from eVoucherindia when you pay using this wallet, that is if you shop using vouchers and gift cards you will be getting up to 2000/- instant discount. So why are you waiting? Go grab any item you need and save big.

MakeMyTrip Republic Day Sale

MakeMyTrip’s Republic Day Sale will definitely not disappoint. Get amazing flight deals from Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Indigo, Air India, Vistara and more during this national holiday. Customers can also avail special hotel deals, railway booking discounts, bus offers and exclusive coupons on MakeMyTrip.

And there is another exclusive offer on Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers and eVouchers from eVoucherindia when you pay using this wallet, that is if you shop using vouchers and gift cards you will be getting up to 2000/- instant discount. So why are you waiting? Go grab any item you need and save big.

Myntra Right To Fashion Sale (19th January – 22nd January 2019)

Myntra’s Republic Day sale will give customers discounts anywhere between 50% – 80%. Avail bargains more than you could ever dream of with offers such as Buy 1 Get 4 More. All brands and styles over 1.5 lacs will be up for sale. Customers can get exclusive offers on Nike, up to 60% off on Biba, 70% off on Roadster, 40- 70% off on United Colors of Benetton, up to 40% off on Fossil watches and more such amazing brand offers by Myntra.

And there is another exclusive offer on Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers and eVouchers from eVoucherindia when you pay using this wallet, that is if you shop using vouchers and gift cards you will be getting up to 2000/- instant discount. So why are you waiting? Go grab any item you need and save big.

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to recieve special offers