Online Shopping Is Better Than Offline Shopping

Online Shopping Is Better Than Offline Shopping


Online Shopping Is Better Than Offline Shopping

As much as we hate to splurge, it happens. You can’t blame yourself because technology has left our bank accounts vulnerable to e-commerce sites, especially with the occasional discount codes and irresistible sales. In recent years, the online shopping industry has absolutely exploded, to the point that there are now many people who will only buy new products online. It’s not difficult to understand the potential benefits of online shopping, but at the same time there are also people who are sticking to ordinary shopping, and they have their reasons as well. Ultimately, it certainly seems as if things are trending toward online shopping becoming more and more popular, but it is also highly unlikely that ordinary stores are going anywhere.

Convenience with online: One of the things people care most about when shopping is convenience. Most people don’t enjoy spending endless hours shopping, whether in a store or online, and it is always nice to get these experiences over with as soon as possible. This is one of the main reasons that online shopping has become so popular, as it allows you to switch stores and products by clicking a button rather than travelling to a new store.

Selection: Another thing people appreciate when they go shopping is a large selection. Of course, a large selection means that your decision making process may be a bit more difficult, but it also makes it more likely that you will find a high quality product that truly pleases you. Again, the Internet has the edge here, as the selection is virtually endless, whereas stores can be poorly stocked in person and there are no easy alternatives.

Immediacy in offline: When you purchase a new product, whether for yourself or for another person, it is always nice to have that product in your possession immediately. This can allow you to be in control of the product, or to wrap it quickly if necessary. This is one area in which ordinary shopping still has an edge, because you do not have to wait for shipping.

Quality: Needless to say, the quality of a product is also very important. And, while most online shopping offers you the ability to return faulty or imperfect products, there is no quality control quite as thorough and complete as that of being able to hold and observe a product in person before purchasing it. This is something that the Internet can never offer.

Saving Money: Finally, another very important aspect of any shopping experience is trying to save as much money as possible. One reason that people enjoy online shopping is that you can often find a product more cheaply online than you can in stores. However, to counter this fact, there are also shipping costs more often than not, and these can make up for the money you save with the base price.

Discounts and offers: All you really have to do to find the cheapest deal online is type the item you're looking for into the search bar and find a number of great deals. Usually, you are presented with only the lowest prices first when you shop online. This can be great if you're just looking to save some money on a big ticket item. However, sometimes online retailers will catch you with shipping costs or require large purchases before they discount your shipping costs which don't really save you money and requires you to buy more than you were originally looking for. Offline shopping will sometimes have great savings as well if you're willing to search around for them. A lot of items with both online and offline shopping will be marked as clearance items at a lower cost because they just want to get rid of that item.

Online Shopping Takes Less Time: Of course, it is much faster to just shop online if you are talking about trying to find what you need. If shopping offline you most likely need to drive to the area you are shopping and then walk through the store hoping that they have what you need. Since you can simply type into a search bar online to find what you need, you can often find it right away and even with good deals. The kicker is that you still need to wait awhile for your package to arrive in the mail. You usually have the option to get your package the next day but it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. If you don’t mind waiting for your package to arrive or you’re willing to spend a lot more for expedited shipping, then online shopping might be better for you.

Online Shopping Doesn’t Require You To Drive: Who doesn’t like skipping out on paying for gas every time they need to shop. If you live farther away from shopping areas most likely you are going to be using quite a bit of gas to get there. You also will have extra time that you’d spend driving for other important things in your schedule.

Offline Supports Your Local Community: Instead of your money floating across the country to someone 2000 miles away, often when you spend locally, that money stays in your community, multiplying itself and serving other local businesses. Since many small businesses will serve each other and the community with events or other services, it will also enrich the lives of you and your neighbours. That means improved services, employee salaries, charities, leisurely activities, parks, food, and events all provided in your own community. However, that is only if you are making purchases at local non-chain stores and depends on how those local businesses distribute money within your community. Most likely those small businesses hire local workers and provide services to other people in the community before that money goes out.

See & Feel What You Get Before Purchasing: When you buy something offline, you are usually able to see the exact design and quality of the item before you buy it where as an online purchase will not always show the best-detailed presentation of an item. Online stores may use a number of deceptive tactics to sell their products which require you to read the fine print closely. Because of the way items are sold online, there may be additional terms to the purchase or fees that they do not show you until you check out. Some items may turn out to be refurbished, cheap remakes of a brand name, an older model or incorrect size of clothing. Since you are able to try the item on or see if it's authentic before purchasing at an offline store, you don't run into the problem of returning the item at your expense or taking up a lot of your time.

Offline Shopping Is Safer: There is more risk of your information being stolen online than offline. When you shop online, you usually always have to provide your personal information as well as your payment details when you check out. The information usually goes into an online database which thieves can more easily gain access to if they hack into it. In addition to the database, some scam artists or retailers use other tactics to steal information and money online such as fake emails, unauthorized purchases and compromise unsecured computers. As long as you are vigilant and monitor your payments when you are shopping online, you should be safer. Many people believe that offline shopping is safer than online shopping but the truth is that both equally pose risks of identity theft or fraud, the difference is there are more ways online for your information to be stolen. Since there are so many risks we must practice safe handling of our information.

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As the 25th draws nearer, those racks of gift cards inside stores will only become more enticing to weary holiday shoppers. Out of options and out of time, many, no doubt, will turn to the convenience and predictability of “plastic money.” Early holiday selling events, social media, and other developments are, in some respects, making Christmas shopping easier and for the last minute shopping, Gift cards, eGift cards making more convenient. Become a favorite Santa this Christmas by gifting a choice. Gift a gift card and save with the Christmas offers.

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How safe it is to use eGift cards ??

How safe it is to use eGift cards ??

Email Gifts continue to skyrocket in popularity, with consumers preferring their ease of delivery, speed of purchase and coolness.

Apparently any stigma with giving a gift that can't be put in a gift box is fading away.

Almost all retailers offer consumers gift cards as a way to shop or give money to friends, both in the online and offline.

Companies such as Amazon, Flipkart  and ShoppersStop allows consumers to purchase physical cards as well as to load online or digital accounts. These digital accounts have features that allow users to print gift cards from digital devices such as a smartphone or computer, and then redeem them at brick-and-mortar outlets or spend the balances online using an app or through a website.

Overall, gift cards may be good for those who are concerned with losing cash. Digital gift cards aren't generally replaceable, but they are very difficult to lose. Physical gift cards usually need to be registered in order to provide a level of protection in the event of loss. Once they are registered, most may be easily replaced.

However, e-gift cards raise some security issues, as all that stands between a criminal and money is a long alphanumeric code that can be stolen via cutting and pasting.

Most e-gift cards come with electronic registration that makes it easier to keep track of value if a gift is lost or stolen. Physical cards, when lost, are useless unless the card has been registered with the retailer.

But e-gift cards raise other concerns: They're easy to spend online, but can create a hassle in physical stores. Some consumers must print out evidence of the card to use it, though increasingly, the e-gifts can be stored and spent on smartphones, one feature consumers do care about.

Here are some other reasons digital gift cards are hot:

  • Instant delivery
  • Easier to send
  • Easier and quicker to purchase
  • Easier to redeem
  • Secure
  • Harder to lose
  • Cool gift
  • Recipient prefers them


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India is certainly a ‘Land of Opportunities’

India is certainly a ‘Land of Opportunities’

India is certainly a ‘Land of Opportunities’


India is going through exciting times. Developing into an open-market economy, India is certainly on high growth trajectory, which averaged nearly 7% per year from 1997 to 2016. India's economy, which crossed the trillion dollar mark in 2007 and expected to become a $5 Trillion economy by 2025, is currently in 3rd position (PPP) after US and China.

The prospects of India’s long term economic growth, which is very positive, can easily be known by knowing the Growth Mindset of Indians:  Adaptability, competitive, entrepreneurial, believes in learning, earning and spending.

Now you require ‘opportunities’ and ‘political will’ for things to happen.

India is certainly a ‘Land of Opportunities’

There are tremendous challenges in India (mainly in areas such as transport and agricultural infrastructure, medical, power generation & distribution, education, healthcare) and solving these challenges means business & economic growth

Availability of skilled manpower

Geographical proximity to markets in South East Asia & Middle East

English is well understood and spoken in India.

And, finally, the ‘political will’ that is necessary to create success is boldly shown by the current Indian Government (GoI). Under the leadership of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, GoI is implementing initiatives that not only will facilitate investments into India but will also make India a better and easier place to do business in. Some of the initiatives that the current government has started are Make in India, Start-up India, Digital India, Skill India and Smart Cities.

So far only Multi-National Companies (MNCs) with their vast resources, know-how and the right connections have been the major beneficiaries of this phenomenal growth in India. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Entrepreneurs are just becoming aware of the growth story of India.

The increasing population, growing consumption and the shrinking agricultural land, shows that there is a very lucrative market for international companies with products or technologies in the following areas:

Food & Beverages: food processing, food packaging, food warehouse and transport, health drinks, etc.

Home based: home decor products, kitchenware essentials, bed and bath, etc.

Healthcare: diagnostics and testing, medical equipment, health supplements, clean air and water products, etc.

Education: medical/nursing, 'train the teacher' programs, automotive mechanics, medical technicians, advanced courses in the upcoming fields of genetics and nanotechnologies.

Consultancy Services: engineering, business development, product development, security analysis, etc.

Infrastructure: waste management, solar and wind technologies, temperature controlled warehouses, air and noise pollution control technologies, towing trucks, and automated parking lot equipment.

Similar business prospects abound in other sectors such as home land security, media & entertainment, hotel/motel, financial investment services, etc.

One of the business formats that is rapidly gaining acceptance is "Franchising". While legal infrastructure and ecosystem are in place in India, one must do a thorough research, and due diligence of the potential Franchisee and create binding agreements covering all important aspects of the Franchising before making any investments. One must also understand business norms of India and seek professional help in navigating the paper trail, IP protection, and Tax implications etc. before undertaking partnership agreements with the Franchisee. Top sectors with franchising opportunities are Education and Healthcare due to a huge mismatch between supply and demand now and in the coming years. Another popular model is Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Government of India through a 'tender' process.

For Urban Development, for example, Government of India has initiated a program called ‘Smart Cities Mission’ in 2015. As of Jun 2017, 90 cities have been selected for upgrade as part of this mission.

The efforts that not only Indian Government, Indian business conglomerates and entrepreneurs are putting towards India's growth but also the investments that foreign MNCs like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, etc. are making in India will entice more international businesses mainly SMEs to do business with/in India.


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Celebrations & Gifts For Dussera

Celebrations & Gifts For Dussera

We live in a country full of festivals which bring with them a lot of joy and heart-warming experiences. Festival means Gifts giving and receiving. Gifts are a form of blessing or a love given to the family & friends on special occasion.

Dusshera is celebrated uniquely in different parts of India. Although the core essence remains unchanged everywhere.

Dussehra is mainly celebrated in the month of September or October every year and is one of the largest Hindu festivals. It is preceded by a nine day long festival known as Navratri during which nine forms of Durga or Shakti are worshiped. Also, that on this particular day Lord Rama killed the Ravanna, along with his young brother Lakshmana, killed all the demons and their king Ravana and regained Seta. Finally they returned to Ayodhya.

Every Indian household decks up to its fullest during Dussehra. For some, it marks the end of fasting. For others, it means enjoying a brilliant display of fireworks at the local meal. Dussehra or Durga pooja is one of the joyous festival followed by Navaratri that celebrates the victory of good over evil.

Such festivals also demand a lot of time and thinking in terms of what gifts should be chosen for our loved ones. With Vijayadashami or Dussehra just around the corner, most of us still might be in quite a fix as to what to gift to our loved ones. Gifts are not just ‘things’ we give but the emotion attached to them is what counts the most.

You must be scratching your heads to think what festive gifts to give to your dear ones? Rest easy with our assistive Dussehra Gift Ideas that let you pick perfect presents for your dear ones using Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers

For any confusion in choosing gift for your loved ones or you are busy in work, don’t worry send your loved ones Gift Cards / Gift vouchers to any part of India through eVoucherindia and make it even more delightful for them. They can easily redeem these Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers on selected outlets or online and enjoy a great shopping experience.


Clothes :

Perfect ethical clothes would be an appropriate gift for your loved ones as festivals in India is all about tradition so why not to rock traditional dresses and make everyone look fab. As Dusshera is followed by many other festivals an ethical wear would be a perfect gift.


Home Appliances :

You can also gift latest model of the home appliance which your relative needs. This will surely bring a smile on their face and also you can express your feeling which cannot be expressed in words. So, gift your relatives this year a branded home appliance on the occasion of Dussehra and make them happy.


Jewellery :

Jewellery is the ever-popular gifts for men and women, Dussehra is one of those special times when you must buy a jewellery for a man or woman you are close to. Silver or gold pendants, chain, rings, bangles or bracelets are good gifts. These days, many watch stores bring out special gold, silver or platinum designer watches which sound as great gifts.


Home Decor :

This Dussehra gift home decor and help your loved ones decorate their space. Festivals are all about surroundings, new and fresh home decors just add a new energy in surroundings. Home is the nearest thing to our heart, a beautifully decorated home spares a new enthusiasm in ourself. The happiness and joy will be in air, home will look as beautiful as our loved ones smile.


Silver/Gold Coins :

Dussehra is primarily a religious occasion and you would do well to gift religious gift items. Some of them could be like gold or silver coins featuring images of Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi or Maa Shakti. These are quite popular gifts and are supposed to bring happiness and prosperity to the homes of the recipient.

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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Gift Cards - The Perfect Gift for Your Colleagues/Loved One/Friends

Gift, a word by itself can make someone feel special. Whether it be for a occasion or just simply for no reason. It makes bonding more stronger & is a best way to convey your love to friends, colleagues, and loved one. It is a token of love n appreciation.

Choosing a gift again is one difficult job. You are not sure whether they will like the one  you have chosen or not. And in this case, a gift becomes a burden to both, the receiver and the giver.

So give a gift, not a burden to the receiver.

Gift card is the best option in this fast pace world, where, the giver has not to worry of likes or dislikes of the gift given by him. It simplifies your Gifting agenda. It gives a freedom to choose from unlimited options to the receiver. Loved ones can choose the desired gift without any limitations. This helps as Last minute gifting option. Saving time by not running through the places to choose the best for our loved ones. Also it perfectly Fits into the budget. No less, no extra. It is as good as a plastic money like credit card and debit card.

It is a digital world People carry no cash. Gift cards are accepted with all the major top brands, both online and offline. Shopping with Gift card is nothing but a smart shopping, where you can shop more and save more with just few clicks away. shopping with it is a hassle free transaction, where in no pin or password needed to be's just a prepaid or can say pre loaded card which you can carry it always like you carry other cards in your wallet.

Evoucherindia is one place where one can find a solution to all your Gifting and shopping worries. Using gift cards and shopping with it can give you more savings.


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